Email Marketing for Ecommerce Store

98% of People Who Visit Your Site Never Buy

A lot of time and money is spent on getting new visitors to the website. But here the harsh truth, almost nobody buys a product on their first visit!

How many times have you bought a product from the first visit to an unknown store? Almost never.

This is true for your customers as well. No matter what happens they won’t buy on first visit.

Average sales conversion of a good website is less than 2% which means for every 100 people who visit your website, less than 2 people will actually buy from your website.

What about the rest 98%?

They are gone. They pressed back button and moved to do something else.

You might assume that the 98% were not interested in what you had to offer. In reality, many of them liked your advertisement, clicked on your ad, browsed few product pages and then went left your website. They found your products interesting. But like majority they were not ready to buy right now.

For every person who is ready to buy now, there are many more people who are interested in what you are selling but are not ready to buy right now.

How do we get these 98% of interested people to come back to our store when they are ready to make the purchase?

Enter Lead Bank

Have you seen pop ups on websites asking for your email in exchange for discounts or other offers?

Pop Up Example

While they are irritating to visitors, they are placed for a very good reason.

They work!

Through these popups and other lead capture tools, you can collect email addresses of your visitors.

The idea behind building an email list is that you will email them useful information and (hopefully) establish trust with your visitor,

Emails allow you to communicate with your prospects over and over again.

Why Email? Why not FB likes, Insta followers?

  • Because reading email is second most common online activity after search!
  • You can send you quality content directly to their inbox and it won’t cost you anything to reach them
  • You don’t need to rely on SEO & Ads to get your subscribers to returns to your website
  • Even if they don’t open your emails, you can still send targeted ads on FB and google using your prospects email addresses

Running Ads are Expensive

When you launch your store, you may be driving traffic to your website through paid ads. Ads are good place to start, but the bad thing about paid clicks is that your money is only worth that one click and nothing more. Through email marketing, you squeeze more juice from the money you spend on paid ads.

You also get extra chance to convince the visitors who want to buy your product but are not ready to buy your products. By email you can send your message when they are actually in ‘reading mode’, win their trust, answer any objections they might have and also open a door for two way communication.

This is the secret of large successful store owners. They have a huge email list of customer and prospects who have given them permission to send message them.

Start building your email list

Start collecting email addresses of your website visitors. They are extremely valuable. Start offering something for free in exchange for email. For example, give discount codes in exchange of email, give access to valuable useful content, run contests etc. There are many different ways to build an email list.

Remember you need your prospect’s explicit permission to send emails while collecting emails. Else it is considered spam. Never SPAM anyone.

If you are convinced about the importance of email marketing, you can install email marketing on your store with our help.

Email Marketing Setup Service

I have broken the email marketing in separate modules.

Email Marketing Setup Module

  • Setting up Email Service Provider
  • Change DKIM & SPF Domain Records

Optin Signup Offers Module

  • Basic
    • Time based Popups
    • Exit Intent Popups
    • Scroll Boxes
  • Advanced
    • Click Triggers
    • Landing Page for signups

Automated Email Sequences Module

  • Basic
    • Welcome Series emails
    • Discount Code delivery
    • Abandoned Cart reminder emails
  • Advanced
    • Pre-purchase warmup emails
    • Post-purchase followup emails
    • Repeat Customer email series
    • Lost Customer Re-activation emails#

Note: Additional third app subscription is required for all plans.

Content ideas will be provided.

# Requires historical buying behavior data

[price_one_third_first title=”Basic” price=”INR 29,500″ time=”” btn_text=”Basic” btn_link=”#contact” btn_color=”blue” btn_size=”small”]Email Marketing Setup[*]Basic Optin Signup Offers[*]Basic Automated Email Sequences[/price_one_third_first][price_one_third highlight=’1′ title=”Standard” price=”INR 49,500″ time=”” btn_text=”Standard” btn_link=”#contact” btn_color=”blue” btn_size=”small”]Email Marketing Setup[*]All Optin Signup Offers[*]All Automated Email Sequences[/price_one_third][price_one_third_last title=”Advanced” price=”INR 89,500″ time=”” btn_text=”Advanced” btn_link=”#contact” btn_color=”blue” btn_size=”small”]Email Marketing Setup[*]All Basic Optin Signup Offers[*]All Basic Automated Email Sequences[*]Content for Emails[/price_one_third_last]

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Each project takes 2 to 4 weeks. Normally there is 2-3 weeks waiting time for a new project. Contact me to check availability.