Advantages of Building Online Store on Shopify

Building a website is where most of the businessmen are stuck because they think building a website is a mystic art which can only be performed by software engineers, coders, etc

This used to be true decade ago, but times have changed. We now live in plug and play world, where an app or software made by the world-class developer can be bought at a fraction of the cost of developing the app.

There are many apps/solutions available for creating website if you want a quick and reliable world-class solution, then I always recommend Shopify

In the past, I have built my eCommerce store using different softwares like magento, opencart but after having used Shopify once it has become my go-to platform for building websites. Now, I always recommend Shopify for building eCommerce stores.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an NYSE listed company which provides a platform to create your own eCommerce website. Shopify is used by 5,00,000+ serious online merchants.

Shopify has a proven track record of providing an excellent platform for building online stores with exhaustive features to make your site do everything it needs to. It is the best option available if you want to build the store without hiring a software developer or an agency.

Shopify has 3 components. The Core Platform, the Theme, and the Apps.

The Core Platform is made by Shopify for which you pay monthly fees and get a solid website with shopping cart feature.

Themes let you customize look and feel of your website. There are free and premium themes available on Shopify Store. The look of the website depends on the theme installed. You can change website elements like colors, fonts, banner layout, product page element, sizes etc through your theme options

Shopify Apps: You can extend the functionality of your website by installing external apps to your store. Suppose you want to add loyalty programs then there are apps available for that feature. Apps also help your store integrate with other tools like Google Adwords, email marketing platform, etc

Why Shopify is the Best for Online sellers

Build by eCommerce sellers for Online seller

Shopify is a platform built and optimized for selling products online. They understand the needs of merchants and have built their platform accordingly.

No Technology Headaches

If you build your website on Magento, Woo-commerce, or Opencart, etc then you have to constantly monitor, backup, secure, update your website. This is all maintenance level work that does not increase your business profits.

As a business owner, you already have a long list of things that you want to work and improve & working as a technician of your website should not be on that list! I have spent many sleepless nights when my websites had been hacked or server was down or website code broke, etc etc. With Shopify you don’t have to deal with these sets of problem. The website technology is taken care of by them. You just have to focus on bringing in and serving customers!

Always Up to Date

Shopify is always looking for ways to make its platform better. They are continuously upgrading itself to add new features like social selling or integrating with new business services. You are not left with yesterday’s outdated technology.


Hiring a developer or external agency is expensive and most of the time they are unreliable. Compared to their fees, Shopify just costs $29/ month for starter plan.


Shopify has a large community of developers which develop apps to extend the functionality of your e-commerce website. All major eCommerce service providers have integration with Shopify through their Shopify apps. There are apps for countdown timers, accounting, maintaining stock levels, email synchronizing etc

Integration with other Channels

Shopify has deep integration with other channels to sell your products. You can use Shopify to sell in Physical Store, sell on Facebook, Pinterest (US only), FB Messenger, Instagram, etc. (and more in the pipeline…)

Tutorials and Help Resources

Shopify has really good & extensive documentation of their core product. On top of it, there is Shopify Blog that publishes guides and articles about running your store and marketing to your customers.

24×7 Customer Support

If you are ever stuck with any issue, you can contact Shopify support any time of day. They are skilled and helpful.


You don’t have to worry about switching platforms in future as your business size increases because Shopify has advanced plans available for your custom needs. With Shopify, you are sure that it can handle your current needs as well as future ones.


Building website is one step among many to make your business successful. With Shopify, you can make your website as the center of your all marketing efforts.

Once you use Shopify to create your store, your technological worries are taken care of. You can then work on the most important thing which is marketing & bringing your customers to your store.

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