Why Business Names are Important?

What’s in a name? It could be everything…

Let’s face it, naming anything… a product or business or a baby is a difficult task!
I remember I had taken more than 50 days to choose name for my jewellery brand Orniza.com
And coming up with a name and selecting it was not so easy. Here is why…

Why are Names so Important?

Like it or not Names are the placeholder, people use to attach all the attributes of your business.

People judge whether the product is good quality or average, whether it is expensive or cheap, whether it is stylish or casual…just by the sound of its name.

Don’t look around, we all do it…

Our brain is always looking for shortcuts to ease the thinking load whenever possible.

Think about a brand name called Hi-Design. To someone who has not heard of or seen their products, the name sends a virtual image of something which must be good in design.

Or think about a brand name called Karigari. What does it convey, without you knowing what they sell !!

Name as a Source of Powerful USP

In long run, your Brand needs to stand out and be remembered, and to do that powerful Name can be a source of an advantage.

Restaurants like “Pizza By The Bay” or “Global Fusion” smartly convey their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) through their name.

So does Barbeque Nation.

When going out for dinner, you get an idea on what they serve by hearing their names.

You assume their pizzas will be good or else why would they put “pizza” in their name!

So naming your brand is important but that doesn’t mean naming your brand smartly will make it successful.

But good names give you a head-start

While it’s not always possible to put your USP into a name or to let your name be your USP, but it ‘s worth thinking about.

Think of all the marketing dollars that will be saved by naming your product smartly. And how much easy it will be to talk about your new brand when you start marketing.

This is all fine but how does all this relate to online business which is all about domains and .COMs

Wait for my next installment on Dos and Don’ts for naming online brands and Tools that can help find a perfect domain.

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