Three Things you need to Start Online Marketing

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are starting out with Online Marketing.

Where do you start?

Should I start with adwords or email marketing? What about conversion optimization? and what about “free traffic” from social media?

There are hundreds of things we can do in online marketing. Where do we start?

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Best Types of Products to Sell Online

Selecting the right product to sell online will be the most important decision you take when getting started.

But not all products are created equal. Some are better suited to sell online compared to others.

Before starting, Jeff Bezos made a list of 20 potential products he thought might sell well via the Internet. His list included software, CDs and books. After reviewing the list, books were the obvious choice, primarily because each book is standard all over the world. Books are light weight, durable. There is no need to ‘touch and feel’ it before buying a book.  Starting with books was a great decision.

If you are thinking of selecting an item to start selling items online, check if your product has these attributes.

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